The Asclepion is an art gallery and studio space run by Daniel Rekshan, located in Oakland’s Jack London District, and dedicated to the facilitation of creative experiences.


Inspired by the Shambhala Buddhist tradition, I hold that everyone and society is basically good, meaning that we all participate in fundamental wholeness, health, compassion, love, and truth. I use the words “contemplative arts” and “deep creativity” to refer to those experience that consciously bring us to experience this deeper state of wholeness.

To hold this vision, I first look to Kandinsky’s On the Spiritual in Art, which describes the artist as a priest and art as a sacrament. Art is a way of communion with the Divine. Second, I look to the ancient healing temple of Asclepius, after which I have named this space. It is a model of how to hold space in which these experience may occur.

Therefore, I commit to the mission of holding and facilitating experiences of deep creativity.


The business of The Asclepion is an extension of my art practice, serving as my studio and gallery.  It is a retail space, selling fine art, crystals, and sound healing instruments, as well as commissions for painting, stained glass, flutes, and ikebana arrangements.

While the Gallery isn’t open, I offer my services as a web engineer and hypnotherapist to clients, often meeting in this space.  These services are offered via www.DanielRekshan.com.

Sessions, Groups, and Collaborations

My time managing a community non-profit gallery in Rural Georgia, as well as my study of contemplative arts in Shambhala Buddhism and ikebana with Alice Tarkeshi, has convinced me that art and creativity is an experience.  Further, it is a social experience. I work with individuals in sessions and groups in classes and workshops, generally through Sound and Sound Meditations organized through the meetup page: http://www.meetup.com/The-Asclepion-Art-Psychology-and-Sound/

I invite collaborations on or use of space for:

  • Hosting a group, class, or workshop
  • Representation of creative service or product
  • Offering creative growth session work

Email is a good way to get in touch, hi@TheAsclepion.com.  Or stop by for open hours or a meditation.