Offering sound healing instruments, crystals, artisan goods, and a variety of other things that we love.  The store will have permanent displays throughout the gallery space, as well as an online e-commerce site.

The mission of the store is to provide a shopping experience that’s good for you the consumer, those involved with the production and transport of goods, and the earth.  Each item is select for sale by its inherent beauty, its capacity to invite connection with heart and earth, and the sustainability of its resourcing.

We’re currently building an inventory and establishing relationships with artisans and vendors. Here are some highlights:

  • Hannah Pfahl is curating all things crystals and will help with merchandizing.
  • Metal singing bowls from Elephant Singing Bowls.
  • Handmade bamboo shakuhachi and bass flutes, along with drums and rattles, from Tree Anderson.
  • Semi-precious bead bracelets and malas by Daniel Rekshan.
  • Handmade leather journals by Ari Powers.